Last week, I watched a movie at IMAX cinemas. I was told that it would be a very special experience because of the high technology 3D effect and sound systems are at the maximum best quality. People believe that this technology is the height of movie watching experience. A month before I got an opportunity to watch a drama (theatrical play). Some or the other way I felt that the drama experience was much more lively than the 3D experience. It was a fresh experience¬†for this generation youngsters seeing people performing live. Drama is actually the pure form of art. Many of us in this generation believe or rather I would say doesn’t even know that there is a art form called Drama and Stage plays. But on the contrary there are many youngsters as a part of many drama troupes in Chennai, who believe that they should make people aware about this wonderful experience. It is our responsibility to make sure that this art form is alive. We compare ourselves with Hollywood standards in film industry, but we forget a fact that their theatrical play industry is much much far better than ours. It is high time we start encouraging our Drama industry. Lets start the campaign friends. #TheatreMaria@Chennai